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Celebrating 24 years in 2023!

The Indian gastronomy is a culmination of a cornucopia of ingredients that has been continuously evolving from the era of the Aryans, to the Mughals and through the days of the British Raj.


A solitary experience of Indian cuisine in modern times with authenticity at its best.

Bangkok renowned Indian restaurant chain, Bawarchi is Bangkok’s most well-known and prestigious Indian chain of fine/casual dining. Established in 1998 in Bangkok, Bawarchi is an award winning ambitious venture of group holding company ; in capital ventures with interests in F& B, wellness , tourism and technology.
Our top quality chain of Indian food restaurants and services to the industry has been recognized with many rewards received over the years; continually reaffirming our values of delivering the finest Indian food together with great service for our customers in traditional Indian style.


Bawarchi Indian Food

At Bawarchi Indian Restaurant, we have tailored menu well embellished with exotic Indian food & drinks suitable for lunch and dinner. Start with traditionally cooked and finely presented Starters & Soups to our flavor rich main course dishes and end with luscious Indian desserts along with sips from our perfectly chosen mocktails, cocktails and wine collections.



Everyone has taste buds that carves for particular taste, even if they don’t realize it. Needn’t to be a great chef for distinguishing between what tastes good and what doesn’t. Dine out at Bawarchi for experiencing lip-smacking flavors of Indian cuisine in Bangkok.


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